Professional Bio

Chief Technical Officer (CTO) & VP of Engineering at Vergent Products.  Skilled at advancing technologies, developing strategic alliances, and leading business to new growth by capturing emerging market opportunities through expert design and innovation.  Demonstrated passion for leadership in technology, teamwork, and delivering compelling design solutions that are built on solid engineering principles.  

Distinguished for meaningful inventions with 17 US Patents, 5 European patents, and more than 15 publications; innovative thought leadership provides a unique foundation for building great teams and delivering leading-edge products.

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.  

A Day in the Life


About Me

Extremely Busy Guy

CTO & VP of Engineering by day

Mountain Man by night

Master of the BBQ

Slayer of the Classical Guitar

Lover of Black Coffee

Enthusiast of Wine & Dirty Martinis

Penchant for Laughter

Closet Bibliophile (it's a book thing)

Stalwart fan of the Denver Broncos

Single Dad

Loyal Friend

Proud Father

Early morning sunrise over Loveland

My Skillset

Award-winning Product Design

Demonstrated Leader in Technology

B2B & B2C Business Strategies

Strategic Alliances

Technical Road-maps

IP & Technology Licensing

Agile, SAFe, & PLC Management

Product Planning & Management

New Business Creation

Web Analytics

Big Data Pipeline

Engineering Management

EE & FW Design


Invention & Innovation

BSEE from University of North Dakota 

16 Publications

 17 US Patents...

#10,102,213, #9,497,483, #9,311,304, #9,152,492, #9,063,941, #8,578,091, #8,554,995, #8,085,948, #8,005,993, #7,933,172, #7,916,164, #7,865,710, #7,822,997, #7,814,246, #7,734,735, #6,970,811, #6,760,124
5 European Patents...

#EP1839444, #EP2164262, #EP2307969, #EP1997109, #EP1829029 

Bull elk in RMNP over Trailridge Road

My Passions

I love being a Dad and truly enjoy building relationships through heartfelt laughter.  I often relax with a sturdy red wine or a dirty Tanqueray® martini with a soft dose of classic rock.

I have a passion for leadership in technology and love my work.  Outside of the office, I enjoy...

  • Being a single Dad to a lovely daughter
  • Time with family and friends
  • Hiking  in the Rockies
  • Playing classical guitar
  • Reading 
  • Growing
  • Cooking & Grilling
  • Exercising  
  • Foster parenting a lovable lab-mix from Rocky Mtn. Lab Rescue

Personal favorites...

  • Favorite hiking trail is Emerald Lake (RMNP)
  • Favorite music genre is classic rock
  • Favorite books are non-fiction
  • Favorite wine varietal is Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • Favorite camp ground is Eagle at Carter Lake
  • Favorite exercise is weight-lifting

Contact Me

Thank you for visiting my site, please keep in touch!

Paul Boerger

9829 Prairie Way, Loveland, Colorado 80537, United States


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